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Hi all you fans of the Museum,

This is just such a great month for the arts, history, and music at the Museum and Park that I just had to get this out early so you could mark your calendars.

I’ll send details later. I will also have reports in the Southside Sentinel.

If you are a history buff, you want to leave the whole 3rd weekend of August open.

The Virgina History Mobile will be on site for 3(count ‘em) three days from Thursday  August 15th-Saturday August 17th with their world Class Civil War exhibits


On that same Friday and Saturday night(16th and 17th at 7pm), on our wonderfully transformed Waterfront Stage(Watch out “Lost colony”) the original historical drama, based on actual records of the factual Civil War attack on Union Gunboats by local John Taylor Woods and his men, will be premiered. Written,directed and staged, by curator Raynell Smith, the naval engagement, Urbanna docks, and Wilton Creek all magically appear on our Mill Creek overlook.

This is also a month of lots of doubles, duos, and double-doubles, musically.

…and we all love the music!

The duo of Bob Zentz and Jeanne McDougall have written original  Civil War style music for the play which will be performed from 7-7:30pm, both evenings .If this were a musical, it would be called the overture, and, I do believe you will hear parts throughout the play, which, I believe, still makes it an overture!

The second Musical double we have is: Two Groovin’s in one month.

Jumbo Lump Daddy and the Backfin Boys, our local favorites: August 24th 6-8pm.


This is a double/double because Neal and Dave are also playing for the Sept 7th Oyster Roast.


OR 2012 was a very special musical, and otherwise, event.


The Josh Walker Quartet, bonus Groovin’: August 31st, 5-8pm.

This show is a series of doubles.

There are two bands playing for this Groovin’.

Both(that’s another 2) bands have members with Deltaville ties.

The opening band; the “Loose Canyons” from New York City, features Deltaville native Trey Powell.

The “Canyons” are donating their time not only for this show but for the “Raise the Roof” concert on Oct 12th.

Josh Walker, himself, parents live in Deltaville….and, according to Josh he will be bringing back, for the second time, Karine  Chapdelaine,  playing “stand-up” bass.

So that’s another duo/twice.

Josh is also bringing back(for the second time) Charles Darden, on vocals. Remember last year! Wow! “Fly Me to the Moon, Let Me Play Among the Stars”


It’s not a 2 or a double, but Kevin Gaines, a wonderful, intuitive drummer, and has played at the Museum every time with Josh, will set the percussion/rhythm and, I have to say, a “hail fellow, well met”. I can’t, not, mention, Kevin.


And….don’t forget, the Deltaville Farmer’s Market on August 24th 9-1Pm.

There is not a duo here, actually a quintet, but “the Market, has everything you need”!

More later.


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